Sep 11, 2009 6 comments

I promise some epic bomb-sized posts coming up as we near All Hallow's Eve. Oh, I've got some splendid surprises for you!


  1. Meh! I thought I was following ADA, but now I see I've missed loads of posts... and it won't let me follow! How rubbish.

    The t-shirt looks FAB. Love the colours and print - you are a great designer. I'll have to save my pennies for when you release them!

  2. I love it :-) I definitely want one. Tee Hee.

  3. I wonder why it won't let you follow, Lady Thieff? That's rather disconcerting :-(

    Printing should happen within the next couple weeks, so they'll be available in October, hooray! :-D

  4. Yeah - it's rather bothersome! :( It doesn't show the Blogger bar at the top, so I can't follow by that and when I click on the Google follow thingie, it just times out every time... Most peculiar!

  5. (Sorry, that's still me, the thief!)

  6. I wonder if this has been a problem for others as well...?


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