Open Now! The All Day, Every Day Pre-Order Collection

We’re so excited to announce our latest pre-order collection, “All Day, Every Day“, available for pre-order from August 25-September 8!

The new All Day, Every Day collection from American Duchess introduces three brand-new styles: Marjorie 1920s Shoes, Jenny Vintage Oxfords, and Watson Edwardian Boots. Designed to take you through the day no matter what’s on the docket, these three beautiful new styles are as versatile as they are eye-catching.

These styles have been in development for quite awhile, as we wanted to get all of the details exactly right. We’re so pleased with the gorgeous lines and colors of these classically vintage and whimsical Edwardian styles, and we just know you will love them too!

Introducing Marjorie, our 1920s day shoe. The perfect counterpart to glamorous 1920s evening shoes, Marjorie incorporates a classically 1920s silhouette in smooth leather that is casual enough for day-wear, and elegant enough to take you into the evening with ease. Marjorie’s subtle simplicity is set off by gorgeous woven leather detailing over the toe.

This is the original shoe we based Marjorie on!

Based on an original leather day shoe from the 1920s, Marjorie is accurate to the 1920s through 1940s. Pair them with a dropped-waist 1920s day dress, or take a page from Carolina’s book and try a 1930s skirt suit! This shoe is so versatile, it goes with practically anything.

Our friend Carolina Pinglo took some stunning photographs in her Marjories and Jennys in Toronto! If you’re a vintage enthusiast, you have to give her a follow.

Marjorie features perfectly balanced, custom American Duchess 2.25”/5.7 cm French heels, a rounded toe, and sealed leather soles. Marjorie closes with a functional single-button strap. Marjorie is available in black, soft white, cordovan, blush pink, and blue mist. 

Keep your Marjories looking spiffy by regularly treating them with Angelus Lustre Cream and Angelus Wax Polish. To prolong the life of leather soles (and assist with water resistance), apply Neatsfoot or Angelus Mink Oil to soles once or twice a year.

On to Jenny! Jenny is the newest edition to our vintage reproduction collection. Based on a 1940’s Educator shoe from the Shoe Icons museum, Jenny is a uniquely stylish oxford with some quintessentially vintage features. Jenny sports a decorative keyhole opening over the vamp, and a small peep-toe peeking through overlapping leather detailing over the toe. Matching laces lace through hidden eyelets, which provide extra stability to the lacing (how many times can we say ‘lace’ in one sentence?). The perforated leather vamp is so comfy and breathable! 

The inspiration behind Jenny!

Jenny is that type of shoe that you can wear in the office, to a conference, to vintage events, to the museum….anywhere! We can’t wait to see how you style your Jennys, and where you strut your stuff wearing this smart little shoe.

Carolina in her Jennys in chestnut!

Stable, leather-wrapped 2.5”/5.7 cm Cuban heels will keep feet comfortable for hours of wear. Accurate to the 1930s-1960s, Jenny is available in black, soft white, cherry red, chestnut brown, and goldenrod yellow. 

Maintain your Jennys by regularly treating them with Angelus Lustre Cream and Angelus Wax Polish. To prolong the life of leather soles (and assist with water resistance), apply Neatsfoot or Angelus Mink Oil to soles once or twice a year.

Finally, Watson Edwardian Boots- Kedwardian’s sister! Watson joins Kedwardian Sporting Oxfords in our collection of reproduction Edwardian canvas sport shoes.

Wimbledon champion Maud Watson

Watson is named after Maud Watson, the first lady champion of Wimbledon. She would have worn a similar style on the court! Accurate to 1900-1920s, and based on period originals, Watson Boots feature all-canvas uppers and linings, with a treaded rubber sole, making Watson easy to break in, flexible, and very comfortable.

Some original late Victorian/early Edwardian canvas sporting boots

Built on the same last as Rainey Boots and sporting a 1” stacked rubber wrapped heel, Watson is fitted through the ankle, with a relaxed ball-of-foot, and an adjustable lace-up instep. Watson is perfect for all manner of activities, from walks through the woods to croquet. Choose Watson in classic black or ivory, navy with ivory soles, or moss green with brown soles. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Watson-All-Day-Everyday-15-Large-1024x682.jpeg

To keep your Watson Edwardian Boots clean and protected, spritz them with Angelus Water & Stain Repellent. 

So, there you have it- a 1920s shoe, a 1940s shoe, and an Edwardian boot, all fastidiously designed and fit-tested, so you can wear them all day, every day! The All Day, Every Day pre-order is on from August 25-September 8. Order within the pre-order period to get $20/€20 off each pair!

Pre-Order is Open
Aug.25-Sept. 8, 2023
$20/€20 Discount Per Pair


  • Lacy

    August 26, 2023 at 7:53 PM

    I can never find examples of French heels worn in the 40s to use as references for living history impressions. Even though I portray a civilian the leader of our unit insists on at least three pieces of evidence something was worn, photographs, catalog pages, etc. I haven’t been able to find anything on my own. Would you consider doing a post about French heels in the 40s?

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