The Nevada Statehood Ball – An Evening in 1864

The crew – Abby, Chrissy, me, and Caroline at the Nevada Statehood Ball, 2019 – photo by Chase Stevens.

A few posts ago I shared how I refit my 1860s Aubergine evening gown, bringing it back to life for hopefully many more years of wear.

Now it’s time to share some photos from the event! A group of us invaded the Nevada Statehood Ball at Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, NV, and had an absolutely splendid time whirling about, laughing, eating cake, and feeling pretty all night long.

Gathered outside Piper’s Opera House, Virginia City, NV – photo by Chase Stevens.

Abby and Susan looking amazing at Piper’s – photo by Chase Stevens.

Abby and Chrissy swirling across the dance floor at Piper’s Opera House – this one made the Las Vegas Review-Journal – photo by Chase Stevens.

Chillin’ in the lobby on a tiny chair – photo by Chase Stevens.

ABBY – resplendent in her first mid-Victorian gown. Photo by Chase Stevens.

Getting in a little Victorian rotary waltz where we could – me, Abby, Chrissy, Susan – photo by Chase Stevens

Everyone looked great! Left to right – Abby, Chrissy, Liza, Caroline, me.

Lacing train! Caroline, Abby, and Chrissy getting dressed in the visitor’s center.

It was *cold* that night – the first very cold night of the season, so we raided Nicole’s closet for appropriate mid-Victorian cover-ups. I borrowed Nicole’s gorgeous black wool and velveteen paletot and wrapped on a vintage fur collar for extra cuddles. Now I want a paletot very badly, despite hardly ever doing mid-Vic stuff.

The (re)finished 1860s ballgown. I’m much happier with the fit of the bodice, particularly on the shoulders, and the silhouette of the skirt is much improved as well. This is one of my favorite costumes I’ve ever made. I feel like an elegant queen when I wear this!

I accessorized the ballgown with opera gloves, Dames a la Mode jewels, and a very quick “head doily” I threw together the night before, made from a bit of lace, ribbons, silk flowers, and scraps of purple silk salvaged from the bertha.

Huge and special thank you to Chase Stevens, who has generously shared his photographs with us.


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