A Spoopy Day in Virginia City, Nevada

The Spoop-Crew in Virginia City, NV. No actual buckets of blood were consumed, but we thought about it….

Several weekends ago a group of friends came to visit us here in Reno.

We all decided to invade Virginia City, our local mining-old-west-tourist town, with the general costume theme of “spoopy” (a meme-generated misspelling of “spooky”).

We had bustles, Edwardians, 1920s, 1930s, punk rock Victorians, Camille Clifford, time witches, and a whole lotta fun exploring the town. Here are a few photos…

Photos are by…
Nicole – @silk_and_buckram
Chrissy – @thelacedangel
Lauren M – @madamedestroyer
Vivien – @freshfrippery
(and me)

Vivien, Abby, and Nicole chillin’ on C Street, looking fab. Photo by Christina.

Nicole made a new Edwardian suit for the occasion, from a stunning figured russet silk and vintage black lace trim. Photo by Vivien

Samantha in 1920s velvet – photo by Vivien

Vivien rocks her “Crimson Peak” historical cosplay, complete with creepy and fabulous clasped-hands belt.

Some of the creepy crew – Sam, Amanda, and Lauren M. pose in the very haunted Virginia City graveyard.

Bustlin’ – photo by Lauren Moyer

The American Duchess girl gang – me, Abby, Nicole, and Chrissy – photo by Vivien

Victorian rockstar Chrissy in Madame X paired with the most adorable late Victorian jacket made by Nicole, and rocking some seriously (19)80s vibes. Photo by Lauren Moyer.

We had great weather for the day, and a beautiful high desert setting.

Abby and me disrespecting the dead. Photo by Vivien.

Sam representing the “younger” end of our historical spectrum in 1920s. Photo by Lauren Moyer.

Sam, Amanda, Nicole, Abby, and Adrienne rendezvous on the Virginia City boardwalk. Photo by Lauren Moyer. 

We rode the “short train” to Gold Hill and back, with a little history lesson about the silver and gold mining. Photo by Lauren Moyer.

Witchy vibes – Lauren M. in one of the well creepy doorways of Virginia City, NV.

Chrissy turning heads at local spoopy bar Death & Taxes – photo by Nicole.

I pulled out my 1880s wool and velvet bustle gown, a perfect choice for the very temperate weather and dirty venue. This gown isn’t perfect, and it’s undergone one size alteration already, but I really like it and enjoy wearing it, despite the weight.

My wool and velveteen 1880s gown with linen plastron and whitework jabot. I love this dress – it has tassels! My hat was made by Liza M. and I’ve got Renoir Victorian Button Boots for my shoes. I actually wore the wrong corset this day so my bodice didn’t fit quite as it should’ve – ah well!


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