V36: SuperStripe Sunday – Stripes in the 1770s


It’s Superbowl Sunday here in America Land.  I don’t follow football, so I’ll be burying myself in the sewing loft and trying to accomplish something on the 1912 Titanic gown.

Yesterday was a Steampunk photoshoot I’m looking forward to sharing with you, but I haven’t developed any of the photos yet, so I can’t post them today!  Instead…here’s a look at my favorite striped things from the 1770s (and some from year 1780).

Can’t argue with stripes!

Robe a la polonaise ca. 1780, Musée Galliera, Paris
LACMA, 1775
KCI, 1780
KCI, 1780
V&A, 1775

I’ve got my yellow and blue stripe fabric cut into 19 inch widths, ready to go, but I *need* to finish many other things I’ve started, rather than jumping in to the polonaise that keeps invading my mind.  Talk about Costume ADD!

Soon, though.   Soon 🙂


  • Caroline

    February 5, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    I have major costume ADD! (especially when it comes to the choice in between finishing that last hem or getting started on that dress I'd been fantasizing about when I was supposed to be working on the other dress!)

  • Anna

    February 7, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    I'd have a MUCH better attention span if I just took a month long break from Blogger. I see everyone else's projects and dash back and forth thinking "ooh, a reticule. ooh, a sheer whitework apron (your fault, Lauren). ooh cloaks." Darn all you people and your neverceasing creativity 🙁


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