LacedNYC – A New York Party to Remember

The Bathtub Ginnys perform at LacedNYC

Once upon a time, Abby and I went to New York to meet up with our favorite people – Cynthia of Redthreaded and Dandy Wellington – at Norwood, a beautiful private club in Manhattan.

The occasion was a launch party for our new Theatrical and Men’s lines, as well as the new Royal Vintage “Foxtrot” Summer 2019 footwear collection.

Upstairs, Cynthia hosted a corset-fitting salon where guests could try on all of the Redthreaded historic corsets and stays.

It was a wonderful night, set to the jazzy tunes of Dandy Wellington and His Band with performances by the incomparable Bathtub Ginnys.

I’ll stop talking now and let the photos do the rest.

All photos are by Jane Kratochvil
Instagram – @janekratochvil
FB – Jane Kratochvil Photography

Dandy made us talk about what we were doing and it was awkward, lol

The Bathtub Ginnys did a fabulous follies-style number and gave our new “Follies” T-straps a proper try.

Dandy Wellington, consummate performer and also so so generous to set up this event with us at Norwood, his club.

Stina of the Bathtub Ginnys

The Royal Vintage “Foxtrot” shoes were on display…

…as were the new American Duchess theatrical shoes…

The co-conspirators – Dandy Wellington, Cynthia Settje of Redthreaded, me, and Abby.

Cynthia showing off her fabulous 18th century stays

The Ginnys performed in our new “Follies” T-Straps. These shoes are made for dancing, with sueded flex-soles.

Kaila Temple in original 1940s.

So many beautiful, fashionable people!

Mary Alice Ladd

Dandy and Cheyney McKnight

These dapper dudes

Lauren DeRossi (Virtuous Courtesan) and her friend, whose outfit I was obsesssseeeddd withhhhhhh

The Bathtub Ginnys


Dandy tries on the 1780s stays by Rethreaded.

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