A Little History of…Albert / Bertie Regency Pumps

Zack Pinsent for American Duchess
This season we’re very excited to launch our new men’s styles….which are also women’s styles!
One of our most basic and versatile styles is the Albert / Bertie pump. We based the Albs on several extant pairs of men’s court pumps, but this style is also great for ladies late 18th century and Regency impressions.
Albert / Bertie pumps come in both men’s and women’s sizes, and are accurate for c. 1790 – 1820
Portrait of Nicola Chatelain, 1791, by Johann Friedrich August Tischbein.
A pair of gentleman’s kid shoes, c. 1800, in buff colored leather. Christies.

A pair of mens shoes – the museum dates these to 1840/60, but footwear historian Nicole Rudolph confidently dates these to 1814-1820 based on toe shape and other factors. 
The Alberts / Berties are made in lovely black calf leather, lined in leather, with bound edges and a little vamp tie. The soles are leather as well, and you’ll find these shoes comfortable and beautiful whether they’re pair with knee breeches and stockings or peeking beneath the hem of a day gown.
An example of a women’s shoe in this simple style – V&A, 1810-1820, T.385&A-1960
Another women’s example from The Met, c. 1810. 11.60.203a,b
The men’s sizes are 7 – 12 with half sizes. Men’s standard width is “D” width. Gentlemen, you can wear these pumps accurately with daywear, for formal occasions, and dances.
Albert / Bertie Regency pumps for men and women
Ladies, your sizes are 6 – 10 with half sizes, and size 11 too. The women’s standard is “B” width. Ladies, you can wear these accurately with daywear and for dancing as well.
There *is* crossover between men’s and women’s sizes. Here’s a handy chart…
We hope you love the new Regency pumps as much as we do!
Pre-order is open
April 18th – May 10th
Le Beau Monde, May 1807. Regency World, Candicehern.com

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