Happy Birthday, American Duchess

Yay, this blog is a year old! (well, belated 2 days, but close enough!).

Once upon a time it was “The Barn Owl Gown,” a blog dedicated to nothing more than chronicling my journey through making that insane feather monstrosity I wore for Halloween.  Not too long after that I realised I was writing much more about all kinds of *other* 18th c. things, and that I ought to expand the blog to be more general, cover more topics, and reach out to more people.

A year later, American Duchess has 125 followers (whee!), gets well over 100 unique hits per day (whee!), and even has its own clothing line and Etsy shop (yay!).  The main goal is still and will always be to write good, useful articles and help out fellow costumers who may be stumped by things I am also stumped by (wigs, hatmaking, etc.).  I like to add my insights (two cents, or pence for my UK lot), what’s inspiring me, and other random bits that hopefully make American Duchess a well-rounded blog.

Thank you all for reading and returning, for leaving me comments (love!), and for helping create this amazing international group of historical costumiers!


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