Bastille Day Sale Starts Today!

Jul 11, 2014 2 comments

We've got lots of different kinds of specials this year, like...


We also thought it a swell time to introduce the new "Pemberley" 1790s - 1810s slippers, which have been redesigned to be more historically accurate, and feature...

  • Super-pointy toes
  • Dyeable white leather uppers and linen lining
  • New, custom-made Italian heels

The new Pemberley will be available to pre-order through July 25th, with your choice of free goodies or a $10 discount, and a short wait - Pemberlies will be arriving in our August shipment!


  1. When does the sale end? The blog says 14th and the shop page says 13th... Also, if it's indeed the 14th of July, is there a time deadline (e.g midnight or something)? Thanks!

    1. Through the 14th - midnight PST is when thing "switch off"


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