Rufflecon 2016!!!

Hello lovelies!

Lauren and I are currently off on a new adventure together – first was China & now we’re off to Stamford, Connecticut for Rufflecon! (this is the part where I do that echo thing that people always do – “con..concon…”)

That’s right —- Lauren and I are travelling again. 1 month after China. We’re just now starting to get over our China jet lag, and we’re jetting off to NYC for a week.

We might have lost our minds. They’re probably somewhere over Nebraska right now (Hi, Nicole!)

But hey, we’re here, we’re moving & a shakin’ and we’re excited to see what Rufflecon has in store for us. Neither one of us has ever been, but we’re quite looking forward to the experience!

So here are the classes we’re teaching –

Basic 18th century draping – I’ll be demo-ing how to cut a bodice shape on Lauren for the class & taking questions from the audience.

How Not to Drape.

18th Century Pattern Hacks – Lauren will be presenting the same lecture she did for Costume College for the Rufflecon Crowd. The Ruffle-cap of Doom will probably be making an appearance. (Bahahah – it’s punny – get it?)

All the OL. All the time.

Miss Fisher’s Wardrobe – Again a repeat of Lauren’s from Costume College & something that she blogged about right here.

All that Miss Fisher Goodness right here kids.

And finally, a new one for Lauren & I –

1780 vs 1880 aka “The Strip Off” – I’ll be wearing my 1780 Levite gown & Lauren will be in her 1880s gown and we’ll be picking off our layers bit by bit and discussing the differences & similarities between the pieces until we get down to our underwear. Thus – thanks to the randomness that are our Facebook Livestreams, we have dubbed this class the Strip Off. It’ll probably be making it’s way to a Facebook Livestream near you. Soon – ish..


So on top of the 4 classes, we’re also participating in a Fashion Show & “Couture Showcase” which will give Lauren a chance to talk about her design process for the shoes & how they’re created, etc. I’ll probably just be there for comedic relief.

It’s going to be a hell of a weekend – that’s for sure!

After the Con of Ruffles we will be spending a few days in NYC! Lauren’s never been before & so we’re hoping to make good use of our time in the City. Stay tuned into our Facebook & Instagram bot for Royal Vintage & American Duchess for regular updates and pics from our trip! We’ll also blog about all of it once we’re back & recovered. Again. 🙂

Alright – Till next time lovelies!

<3 <3


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