Regency Tea and Country Dance Masquerade, Tennessee

Nov 17, 2011 16 comments
Burdett's Tea Shop was a delightful, old-fashioned place in Springfield, TN.  It was absolutely packed with lil'-ole-ladies who took great delight in our party when we arrived.

I've been in Tennessee this past week, meeting wonderful people, playing dress up, and drooling all over historic sites.  I went to visit my best friend Maggie, who you may know as Miss Emily Waterman, and her beau, The Doctor, and had the pleasure of meeting the famous Tumbusches, as well as Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Cushing, and the Coopers.

Now for pictures! (under the cut)

Here we all are.  Left to right, the Tumbusches, Mr. Ramsey, the Doctor, Miss Waterman, yours truly, and Mr. Cushing
Delicious noms, including the best scones I ever have had.
The Doctor never smiles, even when the scones are amazing...
Miss Waterman and myself, reunited after more than a year.
The top tier of our petit fours
Mr. Ramsey, the host of our tea, being jovial :-)
Miss Waterman and myself.  Maggie lent me this day dress, as I only had my one 1790s for evening.
Mrs. Tumbusch, such a sweetie and so sharply attired in her maroon silk gown and velvet spencer with awesome pointy vandykes
The Doctor (still not smiling), Miss Waterman, me, and the delightful Mr. Cushing
Our true selves.
Following tea, we went to historic Rock Castle to set up for the ball.  Ladies being ladies, we promenaded around the grounds while the gentlemen did all the heavy lifting.  Here is Miss Waterman looking resplendent among gravestones.
Myself in the graveyard.  The turban is tied from a scarf.  I will teach you how.
Miss Waterman with appropriate somberness.
It was quite chilly.  The pashmina never left my shoulders.
Miss Waterman on the front porch of the visitor's center at Rock Castle, hard at work setting up for the Country Dance.
Mr. Tumbusch called the dance that evening, and so perfectly.
Miss Waterman in her "fox" gown - the Janet Arnold open robe in delicious russet-colored silk, with black trim.
Mr. Cushing, victim to my drag-shutter camera antics.  I think it's a cool picture, lol.
Mr. Tumbusch at it again.
Miss Waterman and her Doctor, enjoying one of the enjoyable country dance sets.
Coming up next .... a visit to Rock Castle, The Hermitage, Nashville, and Locust Grove.


  1. You all look beautiful and perhaps sometime you will come to an Oregon Regency Society event *hint hint*.

  2. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your turban was beautiful. Wonderful job wrapping it. And that gorgeous russet open robe. Wow!

  4. You ladies look amazing! Miss Waterman is always dressed to the nines. Like Oregon, you are fortunate to have such a lively group with which to assemble.

  5. Absolutely wonderful! Such pretty pictures..thank you for sharing. ^^

  6. Thank you all very much. I can't wait to share the other photos I took, even though they're not costume pics :-)

  7. Everyone is looking wonderful! Delightful!

  8. To think I could have driven a few miles south and met you all (in my so-not-historical-clothing)! Sad day.... I guess I'll just have to lament up here in Kentucky. -Zach

  9. What a lovely time you must have had! And your tea was so...gender balanced. A rarity indeed! ;)

    I'm anxiously awaiting the tuban tutorial too!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!


  11. You two look so delightfully colour co-ordinated! All white and red and olive green, utterly fabulous!

  12. Everybody looks so nice!

    Now to a completly different topic. I saw that you asked about those beautiful black and pink 18th century shoes at your Facebook account (I don't use FB myself, that's why I'm replying here instead. Hope you don't mind...)

    1. Here's some info (image upper right) from The Bata Shoe Museum:

    2. And here's a similar pair from Shoe Icons:

    I thought about making my Devonshires (the shoes that are now blue and white) into a replica of the first pair. (The only thing that stopped me was that black leather shoes seems so common amongst 18th century reenactors.) I just ordered new Devonshires, so I'm going to fullfill my first plan. I'm so excited (because I really liked to paint my first pair, it was so fun.)

  13. Thanks everyone!

    Lady Augusta, thank you so much for that info, as I was very curious. And please send a link when you get your new Devies painted :-)

  14. Oh these images are lovely and look like so much fun!


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