Cross-Over Necklines – 1795

Here’s an awesome page choc full o’ information on Regency everything, from which all these pics today have come. People nowadays tend to think in terms of decade and/or sometimes entire centuries! That is, it seems to be a belief that Regency style dress burst into existance January 1, 1800, when in fact there is a decade’s worth of transitioning between styles all throughout the 1790s. Also take into account that just because something was high fashion doesn’t mean everyone was wearing it – look in your own closets and tell me how many things you have, love, and still wear from 5 or more years ago? I know it’s at least half my own wardrobe.

Anyway, on to today’s topic, which is necklines of 1795. I’ve found some lovely fashion plates that show what I think is known as a cross-over dress. It looks like there are separate pieces for each bosom, like a modern halter dress or kimono-esque wrap top or dress. I find this look very flattering, and different from the scooped and gathered necklines of the 1800s and onward. If the dress IS indeed wrap-front, or cross-over front, that will solve the problem of closure and ease of getting dressed. I suspect, though, that some changes may have to be made to the undergarments…but more on that later 🙂

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