A Basic 1920s Frock

Lace Collar on a 1920s Frock - American Duchess Blog

“Frock” is exactly what I should call this dress, even though I don’t really like the word.

I found this -frock- on Etsy for an excellent price, and was so pleased to find it in amazing condition when it arrived. It’s wool and neither has moth holes nor stinks of mothballs! The interior is unlabeled, with hand-overcast raw edges, some french seams, and clever use of selvedge. It retains some basting stitches, and even has a quick nip in on the side seams to slim it a bit through the waist (which I have totally done on my 1920s projects!).

Original 1920s navy wool and lace dress - American Duchess Blog
Some interesting and typical seaming on the skirt makes this more than just a sack.

This -frock- is just so…straightforward. It reminds me of the dress Roxy Hart wears to court in “Chicago.” And I love it! Even though it’s a little scratchy to wear, and is basically a lace-trimmed sack, I LOVE it! There’s something so satisfying about an original 1920s -frock- in that it’s unquestionable. Yup, that’s the silhouette alright. No question there. It’s huge and waistless and quite long and scratchy and demure and utterly correct.

Look for this one in a future Royal Vintage photo shoot. 🙂

1920s navy blue wool dress with lace collar - American Duchess Blog


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