Cycle 3 Exclusive – Vote for Colors!

We’ve gotten a bit bogged down with the various holidays worldwide, but we’re gearing up for production to start again, so it’s time for another Exclusive!

The winner of the Cycle 3 style vote was this stunning 1920s brocade and gilt leather evening shoe (original pair from Vintage Textile):

The strapwork is complex and interesting, the brocade shimmery and eye-catching. These would look smashing with a 1920s beaded dress, and will also go well into the 1930s. Imagine them peaking out from the hem of a gorgeous backless evening gown.

So now it’s time to vote for colorways. Because of the textile used for the uppers, we’re limited in brocade designs. The intent is to stay as true as we can to the original textile design, but there are some wildcards in the vote.  These fabrics are all 100% silk brocade imported from India – utterly show-stopping silks!

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