“Renoir” Civil War Photo Shoot with Eras of Enchantment

Last October I had the opportunity to shoot with one of my regular, gorgeous models, Liza. You might remember her from our Gibson and Astoria shoots last year.

This shoot was special, though, featuring Liza and her two sons, Julian and Nevan, all in the clothing that would have been worn in our local area in the 1860s. So often we have trouble finding locations here in Northern Nevada that could pass for Europe or New England. It was nice this time to be able to use the beauty of our high desert landscape in correct historical context.

Models: Liza, Julian, and Nevan McIlwee
Costumes: Eras of Enchantment
Footwear: “Renoir” Civil War Button Boots by American Duchess
Photography: Lauren Stowell


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