Photo Shoot: Downton Abbey Glamour at the Cobb Mansion, Virginia City, Nevada

Downton Abbey dresses

I’ve been sitting on these photos for quite some time, leaking them out little by little, but I think it’s high time now for a little photo story…

With Downton Abbey fresh in our minds, we set out to capture the glimmer of the fashionable past, with 19teens evening gowns in an opulent setting, the gorgeous Cobb Mansion in our local historic town of Virginia City.

Titanic Dress
The black and white photo is my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. I think Tori looks like a super-elegant 1950s Dior model!

Our beautiful models were Liza and Tori. You’ll recognize Liza from our Summer “Gibson” photo shoot, but this was Tori’s first experience in front of the camera. She did great!

Downton Abbey Photo Shoot

The gowns were creations of both Liza and myself, paired with Astoria Edwardian Shoes in black, and Gibson Edwardian Shoes in ivory. Photos are a mix of both mine and Chris’. We had a good time putting this one together, and were lucky to be well-received at the Cobb Mansion, which we’ll certainly be returning to. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

Edwardian Titanic Dress


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