Edwardian Elegance - "Gibson" Summer Photoshoot

Jun 28, 2013 7 comments
A couple weekends ago, Chris and I ventured out with our gorgeous Edwardian model Liza, to shoot the new "Gibson" Edwardian shoes that have just come into stock.

Liza wore an antique chemise dress that fit her perfectly.  I couldn't believe it (and subsequently turned a dark shade of green) when she told me that a friend of hers had *given* it to her.  She also brought along the most beautiful antique parasol I've ever seen.  I turned even greener when she told me she found it for $23! (The Vintage-Find-Foo is strong with this one)

We shot on location in our favorite local park, Rancho San Rafael, which has served for our French countryside before.  This time it played the role of Edwardian Western ranch, or perhaps a central park promenade somewhere sophisticated.  You'll see Liza on our website, Facebook page, and also gracing the cover of our new Summer catalog.

Chris in the grass
We hope you enjoy these photos of Liza, and that they inspire Edwardian creations and dress-ups of your own.  If you've like a pair of Gibsons, they come in three colors (black, butterscotch, and dyeable ivory), and you can find them at www.AmericanDuchess.com.


  1. I have found in recent years that proximity to grass correlates directly to the dedication of the photographer. :D

    Love the picture of the Gibsons with the lace of the skirt.

  2. Such gorgeous photos! The whole outfit is beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful dress! I am so jealous! And the shoes are lovely! All your shoes are lovely!

  4. The dress is stunning, especially the delicate whitework around the hem. It looks gorgeous with the cream shoes and blue stockings!


  5. Love it; so beautiful, ahhhhh.

  6. So gorgeous!!! Turning green myself here.


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