Weddingote: The Home Stretch

I’m happy to report that my wedding gown is nearing completion.  It’s to the point now where I shall tease you with detail shots and save the full “reveal” for later.

The buttons for the gown were embroidered in silver purl, by my wonderful mom.  Then we sat around my kitchen table gabbing and assembling them.

Since I posted last, I did battle with the front edge-to-edge hook n’ eye closure, and won.  I added stiffening to the front as well as the center back, but not boning, as I didn’t want any unsightly lines showing through the very thin taffeta.

The center front closure, with the buttons pinned on.  I hate how the camera  brings out the worst in a dress! It really doesn’t look this rumpled to the eye…

I assembled both sleeves, but haven’t sewn them on yet – that’s today’s milestone.  I also rounded off the hem.  There’s not much of a train, but it’ll trail the ground ever so slightly.

Piping detail on the sleeves cuffs, which went together more easily than I though – I worked out all the hellishness in the test garment, and thank goodness!

What’s left? Well, to add the sleeves of course, and do a little more interior work.  I need to hem the skirt, and stitch on the buttons.  At that point the gown itself will be complete, but I then need to make the petticoat (luckily quite a quick job), and I might assemble a different type of bumpad.  So it’s really not much more to go!

The center back where it transitions into the skirt.  It’s not perfect, of course!


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