The 3rd Annual Steampunk Ball of Piper’s Opera House, 2013

Liza rockin’ her Victorian tail bodice with shorts and amazing stockings

This past weekend Chris and I worked our tails off at the 3rd Annual Steampunk Ball up in Virginia City, Nevada.  We did the photography room again this year, and it’s quite crazy all night long, but I did get a chance to walk around a bit, and take a few snaps.  Here are a collection of photos:

People actually danced!

Asha World Dancers in their gorgeous belly dance regalia.  They performed in “Dr. Belladonna’s Medicine Show” prior to the Ball.
I have no idea who this couple is, but their costumes were awesome, particularly the hats.  This was my favorite photo of the night, of the hundreds we took
Cindy and Corwin, always hamming it up

Liz and Warren, and their creepy baby doll “Hope”
Oscar and Debbie, of “Vintage Dancer.” You can read more about how Debbie put her costume together by clicking on the picture.
Lady Carolyn and her husband Scott – check out Carolyn’s blog by clicking

Liza, her daughter Anna (right), and their lovely exchange student from Italy, who must’ve have thought we were all completely mad.
Tina and her family, with their exchange student from Taiwan, who also must’ve thought we were all completely mad.
Esther, of Polyesther’s Costume Boutique, such a riot.  She’s wearing Tavistock button boots with her killer Steampunk outfit.

I wore the big green bustle dress, and had a grand time dragging it around the dirty streets of Virginia City, and the dusty corners of Piper’s Opera House.  It’s not *particularly* Steampunk, but I like to wear quite historical outfits that also happen to fit the bill, as I find I get more use out of them.  Now…what to make for next year?!

1880 bustle gown


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