Tavistock Button Boots: Re-Pre-Order!

Aug 26, 2013 5 comments

Hi Ladies!

I've gone and ordered another run of Tavistock button boots in black leather, and would like to give you the opportunity to reserve your pair between now and when the shipment arrives in November.

And the best part?  Now we are offering up to size 11 (US), in both wide and regular calf.

The deal with the Re-Pre is that if your size is in stock now, it will ship right away, but if it isn't, your order will complete when the shipment arrives in November (basically "backorder," but we like "re-pre-order" better).  The boots are scheduled to arrive for Winter, and the Holiday season.

Size quantities are limited.  Place your order on the website:


  1. I do wish I needed these and not just wanted! Oh well...

  2. Yay on size 11, does this mean that size 11 will be offered for the other upcoming new styles?

  3. *sigh* would love a pair but can't afford to buy the boot and then all the customs charges on top. Wish you were in the UK.

  4. When our ship comes in...
    I'd have to figure out what size my crazy feet would need to wear, too! My left foot is about a half-size larger than my right foot... :p
    The boots look so comfortable and nice!


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