2013 Costume College, Pt. 3 - The Gala

Aug 23, 2013 7 comments
Merja's Baroque gown OMG.  This wasn't her Gala dress, but I needed to include a photo of it anyway.
Ready for the last set of pics from Costume College?  Well, I took quite a few, but the camera tends to get in the way, so I stowed it in my room, and thus did not capture the bulk of the Gala evening.

Cait of Curse Words & Crinolines, with her beau
The Gala is quite wonderful.  It starts with a "red carpet" amble down to the dining room, where one is then served quite a meal, followed by dancing, and lots of socializing.  It's the main event to which to wear your most fantastical, craziest, biggest, most beautiful creation.

Each year, there is a Costume College theme - this year it was "Baroque With a Touch of Pirate," so a great many of the Gala costumes were 17th century.  There are no rules to the Gala, though, so we saw gowns of all centuries and realms, including two fantastic Alien and Predator creations (of course, I didn't get a photo, boo).

Detail on Cait's Robe Battante
Alyxx in a "goldfish" fancy dress costume

Rebecca's utterly stunning 17th c.

Cathy re-created one of my favorite gowns from "Costume in Detail," a 1908 dinner gown
In addition to the Costume College theme, many groups like to create their own themes.  Last year the Northern Nevada ladies all dressed in silver and blue.  This year, there was a group of gorgeously attired nymphs and goddesses, as well as a collection of Natural Form beauties.

Detail on Cathy's 1908 gown
Tim and Claudia's daughter Vivienne

Ginger's incredibly 17th c. court gown.  Utter perfection, with unexpected details.
Lauren M's late 18th c. zone gown, inspired by one in KCI
Elizabeth's 17th c. gown was gorgeous, with metallic lace and pearls over gold.  Plus the mask is just awesome.
Natalie's beautiful "Gibson Girl" dress, with all those handmade ribbon flowers, and, of course, her perfect Edwardian figure.
My Gala gown for this year was the Green Acres bustle gown.  It qualified as my "biggest, craziest, and best," plus it was something I didn't have to feverishly finish just before the trip.  I had a fun time dragging the train around, and feeling generally quite fluffy.  I fiddled my hair up based on various images I pinned, though all my hair pieces are different colors, lol, and I finally got to wear the vintage Prince of Wales plume I purchased on Etsy last year.

My one "official" Costume College photo
(c) Roger Weeks
Well, that does it for Costume College 2013! Next year....? But of course!  Who knows who will wear what (or what I will wear, too), but there's a whole year of costuming ahead of us.  Onward!

If you'd like to learn more about Costume College, please visit the website - CostumeCollege.org - for information on next year's event.


  1. TO DIE FOR, JUST PERFECTION! Love the plume!
    Nancy N

  2. The Green Acres gown is just ravishing. Of the others ... ohhh.

    The 1908 gown, the 1908 gown, the 1908 gown ... How perfectly lovely ...

  3. You look gorgeous in your gown. I bet you all had a wonderful time. Paula

  4. You look ahhh-MAZING. You are killin' it in that gown! Your hair is superb.

  5. Love the plume! Perfect touch for such a beautiful dress.

  6. Merja always reminds me of this one quote from Season 5 of GBBO-- Louis has made yet another stunning desert, finishes early, and is cleaning up, when one of the other contestants turns to the camera and says "How does he do it EVERY TIME"

    Which is how I feel about Merja's impeccable fit and attention to detail


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