V223: 17th Century Infanta Inspiration

Blargh, I hate being sick.  I don’t want to sew or do much of anything, really, but it’s just so easy to look at pretty pictures….so I’ll do some of that.

Next year’s Costume College theme is “Cavalier with a Touch of Pirate.”  Yay!  More love for the 17th c!  So of course, we’re already getting excited, scheming and dreaming up ideas for splendiferous 17th century gowns to rock the socks off the Gala red carpet.

Here is the avenue that has caught my attention, the Infanta portraits by Velasquez.  Aren’t these gowns just ridonc?

The Infanta Don Margarita de Austria Date: 1652-53 
Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Blue Dress, 1659, Velasquez
Velásquez, Infanta Don Margarita de Austria 1660
Velasquez, Retrato de la Infanta Margarita, 1653-56

I’m so awestruck by these gowns, the huge panniers, the giant skirts on the bodices, and all the whosiz-whatsits going on up in the necklines.  The hair, the trims, the everythings!  There are loads of other 17th c. gowns that are gorgeous too, and far less…wide…but you know what it’s like when you hit upon something and begin to obsess over it.  The trick will be figuring out how to do something like this justice without breaking the bank. 🙂


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