Introducing New “Cavendish” 18th Century Shoe Buckles

I have a new shiny thing to share with you!  I’ve been working on a new style of buckle for a bit, fashioned after an original pair I found on eBay quite some time ago:

The original pair – left is polished, right is before polishing

The original pair, as you can see, weren’t very refined even when they were made.  These were everyday-man’s buckles, maybe townsman, who knows, but I thought they were charming nevertheless, and they even fit the Kensingtons quite nicely.

Jump ahead 200+ years, and here’s our version:

The floral elements are much refined (and also similar to some other original examples), and according to your comments and votes on the AD Facebook page, we ran these in antiqued gold as well as antiqued silver.

On the left is the original Georgian buckle, and on the right is the patina’d antique gold “Cavendish” re-creation.

The patina is quite lovely – gives them an old look, of course, but also plants these nicely in the middle class, for those personas who wouldn’t wear something so glimmery as Fleur, Dauphine, or Valois buckles.

Cavendish 18th Century Shoe Buckles fit a latchet about 1 1/4 inches wide, are made of white brass plated, and come in silver and gold.  You can find them on our website at:

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