Community Pride: Historical Sewing Online

Costume bloggers at Costume College 2012

I just want to take this moment to say how proud I am of the online historical sewing community.

This is a truly amazing group of international hobbyist and professionals that has grown so much over such a short time.  When I started following costuming blogs back in 2007-or-so, there were the few GREATS that paved the way – Harman Hay, Demode, Festive Attyre, and many others come to mind – and what has followed their example is truly inspiring: literally hundreds of costumer’s blogs, with new seamsters joining the online community every day.

Bloggers Marja of “Before the Automobile,” and Kendra of “Demode,” worked together to make this moment of glory happen at Costume College, 2013

Through this community we have all been able to learn and improve our skills.  Just a day or two ago I received helpful tips on my wedding gown project, recommendations for books on tailoring, and assistance with pattern drafting, from incredibly knowledgeable artists willing to share their skills.  And, of course, without you guys, I would never have been able to open American Duchess Historical Footwear.

I have also been thrilled to see fellow bloggers working out patterning issues, conducting world-class research on Regency stays, and experimenting with original cosmetics recipes to re-create a completely authentic historical look.

Festive Attyre Curtain-Along members, and this wasn’t even all of us at Costume College.  There are more world-wide, even.

In truth, this community is *AWESOME,* and growing in awesomeness every day.  Just this year we’ve seen The Historical Sew Fortnightly, The Festive Attyre Curtain-Along, and now, just springing to life, the 18th Century Court Ensembles and sister Robe de Style sew-a-long, all group projects stretching across the continents.

So just take this moment to pat yourself on the back and continue to enjoy being a part of this wonderful, world-wide group of talented, generous people.

With Much Love,


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