2013 Costume College, Pt. 1

I’m back! I’m alive!

Costume College was splendid this year.  I had SO much fun, met and chatted with so many cool people, and took so…SO…many photos.  I’m breaking this up into pieces just because there are really THAT many photos.

So before I start – what *is* Costume College, anyway?

Costume College is an annual gathering of costume enthusiasts, of all skill levels, that takes place in L.A. each August.  Costumers from all over the world attend – this year we had Cathy from England, Merja from Finland, and Christina from Germany, as well as the beautiful hordes of West Coastians, all dressed to the nines in their finest.

So now that you know, let’s go!  First…the drive.  It’s about 8 hours between Reno and L.A., but there are some beautiful sights to see…

Once I arrived, it was time for festivities…

Okay, so I might have squealed kindof a lot when I met Merja…
Elizabeth in her original vintage bathingsuit
The theme this year was “Cavalier With a Touch of Pirate.”  The 17th century gowns were splendid
Tudor Tailor Reticella Lace on the collar of this gorgeous black silk 17th c. gown

Stephanie and Lauren M. wearing Astoria an Gibson shoes

Katherine Caron-Grieg in Regency perfection
Merja’s incredible 18th c. riding habit – more squee-ing.
Jen, another of my heroes, in her gorgeous riding habit.  That color!!
Details of Merja’s riding habit
Rebecca in a beautiful Robe a la Turque, for the Ice Cream Social
My first curtain-along dress, the 1780 Indienne, for the Ice Cream Social
18th century Disney Princesses – *genius* !
Pompadours and 23Skidoo shoes makes an appearance
My favorite picture of Elizabeth ever.
Natalie in Regency glamour
Jen’s Regency open robe and turban – I adore this ensemble!
Cynthia in a dress from Kyoto Costume Institute
Kendra in her Marie Antoinette black and white Redingote
Mary Johns in beautiful 18th c. men’s wear worn in “Courage, New Hampshire”
Merja and Kendra had made matching Marie Antoinette redingotes, both utterly fantastic
Details from the costumes on exhibit – this one made by Natalie Meyer, fashioned after Glenn Close’s costumes in Dangerous Liaisons.
My favorite from the display room – a Directoire Revival gown from the 1890s, by Chantal Filson
A gorgeous 1830s bonnt by Diane Yoshitomi
A ribbon bonnet decoration – really fun and adds a lot of texture.
One last detail from the costume room – I loved the bold and sophisticated combination of colors on this bonnet.  Like candy!

Want more pictures? Okay, this is only half!  I’ll have more to share with you soon. 🙂


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