Bastille Day Picnic Inspiration

Portrait of Madame Emilie Seriziat and her Son, 1795

I’ve been MIA lately due to moving, yay!  But also nay! because all of my sewing stuff is in complete disarray.  Still, there’s always time for pretty pictures, right?

This Bastille Day (July 14), our local costume group is having a picnic in our Nevada-does-French-countryside park, Rancho San Rafael.  The theme is mixed – 18th century and/or Alice in Wonderland, or any wacko combo thereof.

I’m planning to wear my Indienne Robe a l’Anglaise, but here are some other nommy pieces that would be perfect for the occasion too (and yes, I am fighting the urge to make a chemise a la reine):

A sunny polonaise – met, 1780-85
A cotton or linen floral Robe a l’Anglaise. Met, 1775
Met, 1785-95
KCI 1785
A jacket and skirt – matching….or not
A fancy Robe a la Francaise – KCI 1760 – though this is much earlier than the years of the French Revolution,  we’re not putting any restrictions on costumes for the picnic.  Anything “18th century” goes
A cotton transitional gown, made 1790, altered 1795, LACMA
A candy-stripe zone-front Robe a l’Anglaise. Met, 1785-87

Now some gowns from the ‘Petit Trianon’ segment of Marie Antoinette , because…pretttty:

Via Costumer’s Guide
Via Costumer’s Guide
Via Costumer’s Guide
Via Costumer’s Guide
Via Costumer’s Guide

See more ‘Marie Antoinette’ inspiration at Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes.


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