New Historical Shoes Coming Soon from American Duchess

As I dig out from under the *piles* of boxes, here are some new shoes to entice you…

Tissot Civil War Shoes Victorian Shoes
“Tissot” 1860-1880 – great for Civil War, Natural Form, and Bustle Eras.  This is a dyeable satin pump made directly from an original.  Easily dyeable and customizable with the new fabric dye kits we’re putting together (coming soon).  “Tissot” is coming up for pre-order in June, 2013

American Duchess Pompadour 18th Century Court Shoes
The new “Pompadour” in ivory damask, with an ivory leather heel, leather sole, and characteristic white rand.  We’ll be doing a “re-pre-order” for “Pompadour” this summer, 2013

Claremont 1930s oxford shoes
“Claremont” 1930s suede oxfords in black or chocolate brown, with matching patent leather detailing, and leather soles.  These are great for historical wear, as well as modern stylings – they’ll be snazz for Fall, so we’ll be doing a pre-order for “Claremont” in July, 2013

Abigail Adams American Duchess Regency Slipper
“Abigail” Regency Slippers, the first of our “Signature Collection,” of famous women’s shoes.  Designed from Abigail Adams’ slippers in the Smithsonian, these all-leather beauties are historically accurate for 1790-1815, but also happen to look awesome with jeans.

Don’t worry, patient ladies, I’m still working on Regency boots, 18th century mules, Elizabethan shoes, new buckles, spats, and stockings, and other delicious things. ๐Ÿ™‚


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