Special Event: “Kensington” Black Leather Colonial Shoes Re-Pre-Order

Hey all! So…we’ve run out of black Kensingtons.  Yep, there are, like, five pairs left.  So I thought I’d try something new – a “Re-Pre-Order,” to help us raise funds for the next order of black Kensingtons.

To entice you, the Re-Pre price is $105 ($125).  If you’ve been waiting patiently for Kensington, get your order in between April 8 and April 21st, before we sell out again (a very real possibility – we sold out of many sizes of Tavistock before they even got here)

Kensington in black has been our most popular 18th century shoe, and for good reason – it’s stylish, comfortable, and period correct, c. 1770-1790.  You can pair it with all classes of dress, and wear it out in the fields, in town, or to a formal events.

Re-Pre-Order Kensington in black leather at 


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