21 Gift Ideas for the Historical Costumer

Gosh, are you ready for the holidays? If you’re wondering what to get for the historical costumer in your life…or you need to gently hint to someone about what *you* would like… here are 21 golden ideas to get the creative gift-giving juiced flowing:

*When considering your holiday shopping this year, think small! Almost all of these items are from small independent businesses, crafters, and makers of well-researched historical items. The exceptions are items from Colonial Williamsburg, which are also made by tiny American craftsmen companies.*

All price ranges are represented here, from small but meaningful gifts such as rouge, buttons, and soaps, to larger items such as shoes, blouses, and bonnets.

21 Brilliant Gift Idea for Historical Costumers


1. Vintage Ribbonwork Millinery Flowers – $78.99 – Duchess Trading on Etsy
2. “Fleur” 18th c. Paste Shoe Buckles – $40.00 – American Duchess 
3. Tudor Thomas Key Pewter Buttons – $12.17/dozen – The Tudor Tailor on Etsy
4. 18th c. Silk Cap Ribbons – $22.00/one color – A Fashionable Frolick on Etsy
5. 18th c. Paste Stomacher Brooch – $40.00 – Litttle Bits on Etsy
6. 18th c. Silk Mitts (size 7) – $45.00 – Williamsburg Rose on Etsy


7. Reproduction Printed Cotton – $12.00/yard – Colonial Williamsburg
8. 18th c. Style Printed Cotton – $17.50/yard – A Fashionable Frolick on Etsy
9. Yellow & White Woven Cotton Stripe – $10.00/yard – Renaissance Fabrics
10. Vintage Silk Sari – 5 yards – $32.45 – Regency Regalia on Etsy


11. 18th c. Scented Clove Hair Pomatum – $10.00/1 oz. – Litttle Bits on Etsy
12. 1810 Turkish Rouge – $10.00/ 0.5 fl. oz. – Litttle Bits on Etsy
13. Lemon Water – $13.00/ 3.2 oz. – Colonial Williamsburg
14. Wooden Rouge Pots – $12.00/each – Litttle Bits on Etsy
15. 18th c. Bayberry Soap Bar – $2.50/each – Colonial Williamsburg
16. Williamsburg Soap Ball Gift Set – $20.00 – Colonial Williamsburg


17. 1940s “Ruthie” Cotton Blouse – $99.50 – Wearing History Clothing
18. Regency Bonnet – $105.47 – Regency Regalia on Etsy
19. Georgian Paste Collet Necklace – $65.00 – Dames a la Mode on Etsy
20. 18th c. Silk Muff – $82.00 – A Fashionable Frolick on Etsy
21. “Victoria” Carriage Boots – $195.00 – American Duchess

**All of these vendors have lots of other great items in their shops, too, from ribbons, earrings, and hats, to stockings, fans, and lace. Be sure to check out the main shops for more goodies, or to purchase gift certificates:

The Tudor Tailor

Regency Regalia


  • Anonymous

    December 8, 2014 at 5:37 PM

    Love it! Thanks for posting this article. My Daughter will love some of these gifts! I actually started a blog called FunFamilyMoments.wordpress.com and post things that are fun for my families. I recently bought some Wigs from Fun Costume Wigs that are Historical Wigs that my daughters love!

  • C

    January 3, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting these every year (at least I think it's every year). I always love looking through them, but this year I may have *accidentally* shared this with my husband (king of turkey-basters-are-a-great-gift) and ended up with a gorgeous pair of Nankeen boots. 😀 😀


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