V365: Costumed Ladies in Genoa, NV

This past weekend, a group of Great Basin Costumers attended an absolutely delightful play in Genoa, NV, one of the oldest settlements in Northern Nevada, and a delightful little town to boot.

We never have any “rules” about costumes, so everyone is free to wear whatever era or style they choose – I went for a businesslike 1915ish, my mom and Starr 1900-1910 or so, Debbie in the late 19teens, Mary and Katrina in Steampunk.

We had a lovely time!

And on a completely different note, this is my LAST “Vintage365” entry.  I fell off the wagon more than a couple times, and it took me until well into 2013 to complete it, but I’m proud to say I did! Yay!

Yay! Balloons!

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