V363: Semi-Finished Project: The “Green Acres” Bustle Gown

I’ve been a bad blogger, but only because I’ve been *really* busy trying to get the Green Acres gown done for a local Victorian ball, this past Saturday.

I suppose this is “Completion Stage 1,” because I have yet to make the apron for this gown, another large parcel of green silk to add even more ruffles, fluffles, and puffles to my buffle.

This was a godd shakedown/first-wear for the gown.  There were no major problems, nothing broke or busted, though a couple things had to be pinned.  I pulled the skirt up with a ribbon loop attached at the lower side-back, and that did pretty well for the Virginia Reel.

I’m really happy with this gown.  It’s the most complicated and heavy garment I’ve yet made, and I’m chuffed that it actually fits, yay!


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