Upcoming 2013 Projects

I don’t quite know how this happened, but I sat down to figure out what I need to sew this year, and suddenly realized there’s…quite a lot of it!…and I keep remembering *more* things that need sewing!

I should define “need” – I literally have nothing at all to wear to {insert upcoming event here}.

Then there’s “need” – I don’t want to wear what I wore last year (or the past several years), because that’s unthinkable!

I suppose I technically have *something* that will work for every event I want to go to this year, but that defeats the purpose of being a hobby sewist!  So…here’s what’s on the books for 2013:

April – Titanic Tea
I’m thinking something along the lines of the frock on the right.  I have a blue/white striped cotton that says “1912” to me:

Summer day dresses for girls ages 14-18, 1912 US, The Housekeeper

May – “The Great Gatsby” opens in theaters.  I have some snazzy floral fabric that is asking to be a floaty, frilly ’20s dress.  If we go to a daytime showing, perhaps something like this:

Henry Ford Costume College – via – this is more late 20s, 30s

June – Valhalla Renaissance Faire.  I have my old standby jacket+kirtle, but I’ve worn it for nigh 3 years prior, and it’s time for something new! I don’t want to go fully on with the Elizabethan stuff (as much as I love it), so I’m thinking perhaps a middle-class-ish doublet or loose gown (if I have enough fabric) to wear with the kirtle I already have, something like this:

English loose gown from “The Tudor Tailor”


Janet Arnold “Patterns of Fashion” ladies’ doublet.

July – We’re holding a Bastille Day tea, so the specific date would be 1789, but the vague date is anything 18th century.  I have an 18th century gown in my brain, but it’s 1760s, not 80s, so maybe I’ll make it for this, or maybe I’ll wear my Indienne Gown from last year…

LACMA – robe a la francaise 1765

October – Maggie’s Regency Wedding in Tennessee.  I have the task of not only clothing myself, but Mr. C as well.  I haven’t a clue what he will want to wear yet (but it’ll be no less than 4 pieces to make!), but for me I’m thinking along the lines of this gown:

KCI c. 1800 via

I guess I’d better get started!


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