V359: “Green Acres” Bustle – Progressing on the Bodice

I haven’t been sewing consistently, but I have made more progress on the bodice for this giant green bustle dress.

It’s beginning to look like the end – needs finishing on the bottom edge, sleeves, a whole boat load of trims, and some interior structures…

Last time, I had pinned the darts and side seams in place.  I set about stitching them, then re-stitching them, and then stitching them yet again!  All this to keep taking in the waist, after realizing that my dress form was not corseted enough.

I was pleased to see the silhouette looking more correct after tightening the waist considerably, but I am a little nervous now, too, because I have not added the boning in yet, and that will make the bodice “shrink” overall.  It is currently fitted to about 26 inches, which is my corset training goal, so with the boning…how much will it shrink?

There is an apron that will go with this eventually, but for the upcoming ball, I will be wearing just the bodice and skirt.

In these photos, one sleeve is without trimming, and just pinned on.  The neckline edge is finished, but lacking in the gobs of trimmings that will fill the neckline.  the whole bodice is not so very far from complete, though – good, because my deadline is February 2nd!


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