Meet the New Pompadour 18th Century Shoes

This season, we’re proud to finally introduce the new and improved Pompadour 18th Century Court Shoes! We’ve made a few changes to this classic, curvaceous style.
The Pompadours have been one of our most popular designs since 2012, particularly with theaters. The pointed toes and curvy heels are just so iconic for the first half of the 18th century. Over the years we’ve received feedback on what we could do to improve them, particularly for dancers, so this year, with all of the re-tooling and redeveloping we’ve been doing with changing factories, we had the opportunity to implement these changes.
The major one is the new heel shape. Nicole carved the new heels by hand, referencing original heels, which have the most amazing curves on all sides, including the breast of the heel. We’ve never been able to achieve that inward curve on the inside of the heel before, but we made it happen this time, and the shoes are just *chef’s kiss* with that little detail.

We’ve also greatly improved the last, which now has a better instep curve (the top of the foot), creating an elegant shape on the foot. The shoes are altogether more comfortable with this improved fit.
The last change is that we are finally offering Pompadours in leather! Now Pomps can and should be worn for all occasions indoors and out, and will withstand plenty of weather and terrain. The white leather Pompadours are dyeable and paintable as well.

I am personally very proud of the changes and updates we’ve made to these beautiful shoes. I hope you enjoy them too! Pompadours are currently in production and will be landing in our warehouse in late November. You can reserve your pair here


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