V285: Colonial Williamsburg Swag

We’re back from our Williamsburg-Monticello-Montepelier trip, and I’ve got swag to share with you.  I mean…how can anyone historically-inclined go to these places *without* loading up on some of the awesome, exclusive things they have to buy there?  My one-true-love of all is this:

This is the Chowning Tavern teapot made just for Colonial Williamsburg.  There were others to choose from – one with a squirrel, one with The Kings Arms, erm, arms – but after seeing similar be-peacock-ed china in the DeWitt Museum, I decided on this one.

With a Williamsburg teapot, it was only natural to snag some Williamsburg tea, too.  There were many flavors, but my heart belongs to Earl Grey, and I can tell you, it’s excellent:

Also, some fabric (but of course!).  I know everybody buys this fabric when they go to CW, but I can see why.  It’s delightful, and a direct reproduction from a gown held in Williamsburg’s collection.  I got about two yards, to make into a jacket:

These wall plaques were just for fun.  I wish they’d had the British flag that was in use in 1776, but the modern one here does just fine.  My household is a pairing (and maybe soon a marriage) of America and Great Britain, and I thought we could hang these together, although Chris and I are not in agreement about which flag should be displayed on top.  I guess they shall go side-by-side then, hehe:

Souvenirs were to be had at Monticello and Montpelier as well.  These are them, a couple Christmas ornaments, several pineapple items (yay Regency pineapples!), and a ceramic plate with a fox on it, which has nothing at all to do with Montpelier, where I bought it, but I loved it too much:

I can’t seem to find where (or if) you can buy any of the Colonial Williamsburg stuff online.  If you know the link, please post in the comments!


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