V278: How To Fit & Seam Your American Duchess Stockings

Oct 4, 2012 8 comments
So you've purchased a pair of pretty silk stockings from my shop, and you love them, but perhaps they are a little big in the foot, or you would like to add some back seams for a more historically accurate look.  Here's how...

Removing Excess Footage From Your Silk Stockings

1.Put your stockings on inside out, placing the heel of the stocking on your heel, so the extra is in the toe.

2. Pinch the excess at the toe and pin.

3. With a ball-point needle and a knit-appropriate stitch, sew across the toe of your stocking, making sure *not* to pull as it goes through the machine.

4. Cut off the excess, turn right-side out, and revel in the glory of stockings that now fit perfectly.

How To Add Seams To Your Stockings

1. Lay your stockings out flat, as shown. Pin if needed.

2. Straight stitch along the back of the stocking, from the top of the heel to just below the band.  Stitch as closely as you possibly can to the edge.  Use a ball-point needle, and do *not* pull through, just let the feed dogs on your machine feed the stocking through.

*If you want your seam smooth on the outside, turn your stockings inside out, and stitch, so the perl is on the inside.

There ya go! Perfectly fitting, perfectly period silk stockings. :-)

Don't have a pair of AD silk clocked stockings? You can get them in 3 colors at www.American-Duchess.com:


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  2. Very cool. I'll have to give it a try.

  3. Good to know, just bought a pair last night.

  4. I want a pair of these so badly! I was planning to order them when I pre-order my 23 Skidoos... :D

  5. I have small feet. What a great tip. Thank you!

  6. If you have a serger, you can stitch, trim, and finish these seams, in one easy step.

    You can also mess them up in the same easy step, if you've set your stitch width too wide, or you don't feed the stocking through the machine perfectly straight and evenly.

  7. looks like you have a spammer/phisher? SUKANYA?

  8. looks like you have a spammer/phisher? SUKANYA?


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