V272: Finished Indienne Print Curtain Gown, 1780

Finally I’ve got all the little bits n’ bobs complete on my Indienne print Curtain-Along dress, and just in time too – we leave for Colonial Williamsburg this coming Wednesday!

I’m very pleased with how this gown turned out.  Everything…well…fits, which is never the case…there’s always something pinching, pulling, or cutting.  Not this time, though! ///happy dance!///

I left the skirt very long on the gown, and it was a bit of experimentation to figure out how to pull it all up a la polonaise and have it look pleasing.  The typical two tapes and loops in back didn’t pull the front edges up enough, so I added two more tapes and loops on the side fronts, to keep the skirt up off the ground.

The ruffs on the neck and cuffs are falsies.  I love this trick from Period Costume for Stage & Screen – it saves those of us who hate making chemises from having to do it, and it also means your “chemise” ruffles are always in the right place.  These are made from cotton voile, though originally I tried some vintage lace.  It didn’t work – I looked like a bad Simplicity costume pattern from 1989!

So…I guess that’s it.  I’ll be wearing this gown in Williamsburg next week, and will post pictures of it on-person then.  Thanks for following!


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