V242: 1790s Robe Royaliste: Almost Done!

I had intended to bust out this giant purple chemise style gown quickly, but then between being mad sick and then lazy, it’s taken me *this* long to get it done!

Needs a bit of a press through the skirt, but otherwise…

 And it’s still not done!

I still need to do the button loops and attach the self-covered buttons at the corners of the front piece.  I also need to make a proper sash and acquire one very large black hat, complete with very large black feathers.

The gathered front bust is *huge*, very puffy, very giant-1790s-puff.

Then it will be done. 🙂

The design of the back came from the green/gold gaulle in The Duchess.

The construction of this gown wasn’t so bad – at least it didn’t come out horribly short-waisted this time.  I did have issue with my sleeves, as usual, and there was fiddlage with the center back seam and shoulder strap placement, also as usual.  For a first go at a gaulle, though, and a test for a future gown made in silk, I’m really quite happy with how this monstrosity has turned out.

The sleeves were troublesome – they didn’t come out with the fullness like in The Duchess, but there is a little pleating.  I set them the 18th century way with the top-stitched shoulder strap.


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