Thursday, July 26, 2012

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V208: 1770s Chapeau de Paris Sketches

I'm winding down the Parisian Gown (at least the gown part of it), and realize I need an awesome hat to go with it.

No ordinary bergere will do - I want a big-ass-poufy-cloud-of-feathers-and-cake sort of hat.  So I looked at the images of hats saved in my 1770s Pinterest Board, and came up with a few designs I like...

My plan is to purchase a simple straw hat base from Michaels Crafts, and then cut the brim down to the small brims I keep seeing on these '70s chapeaux.  The crown will be covered in something poufy, and I'll wet-set the flip up in back, after applying any brim-trim.

Wish me luck!


  1. I'm trying to make a "big-ass-poufy-cloud-of-feathers-and-cake" hat myself, and I'm running into issues because I don't wear a big-ass-poufy hairstyle, and when its sitting on top of my head, I can't see. Best of luck!

    1. If you aren't wearing a wig then why not fill the cap that fits under the hat with padding in it to fill out all the space normally taken by the poufy hair? Or a 'false ceiling' type arrangement. Just a thought.

    2. That's a great idea, Travs. Silkworm, I agree, it's hard to get the hair high like in the paintings and drawings where the hat sit really forward and down. I'm not quite sure if I will get it to work either, but adding a stuffing under the back to tip it up really sounds like it'll work. Thanks, Traveller!

  2. Lovely! Looking forward to the whole ensemble.

  3. Oh I´m so exited to see the result sitting on your head!

  4. I think every lady should have an outrageous hat. As I said yesterday about my feathers of doom at the ORS picninc,"go big or go home!"..I did both. hahah. I can't wait to see your hat!