V184: My First Real 18th Century Shoe Buckles

Ebay is such a wonderous place.  I won an auction for these awesome 18th century shoe buckles – only $35!!

They were quite brown when they arrived from England, but a little brass polish has brought out the most wonderful shine, and details not visible before.

The beautiful details of these stamped brass buckles…

These are fascinating because they were clearly mass produced, just stamped out of a mold, although the chape and tongue are still hand forged and unique.

A little rusty steel won’t stop these bad boys from seeing a little shoe action again.

The best part of all? These fit the Kensington, Georgiana, and Devonshire latchets … and you know what that means. 🙂

Before, on the right, and after a little polish, on the left.  Still needs some cleaning…


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