V163: The Carson City Rendezvous, 1860

Mums on the left, me on the right, in our plaid hoop dresses, and bonnets made by dear friend Maggie

This past weekend Mummsies and I attended the Carson City Rendezvous, a wonderful historical fair celebrating the history of Nevada in the 1860s.  There are Union and Confederate soldiers (and the accompanying battles), sutlers, an original stagecoach, the Pony Express, and ladies tending encampments.  It’s one of the only mid-Victorian events we have out here, oddly enough, and is always a treat to go to each year.

More photos under the cut…

The Confederate horsemen.  This is one of the few events where horses are allowed.  I just loved the dynamic duo on the left, haha!
Here’s Mom having a laugh.
Mom wore a lovely plaid skirt and nice cotton shirt, along with a pashmina shawl.
I wore my remodeled 1865 dress.
The Pony Express, Nevada Division, did a changeover demonstration – here one of the riders is slinging the mochilla, 30 lbs worth, over the back of the next horse he’ll be riding. 
We took some photos with the Pony Express riders, at their request.
“Hey, Handsome, did you bring me any letters from Back East?”

Though the historically correct changeover wasn’t a fast-n-furious affair like depicted in the movies, the horses were excited by the stagecoach running by, an antsy to go for a gallop anyway. 🙂


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