V161: Pretty Victorian Parasols

Happy Saturday.  I’m a bit late with this entry because I was away at the Carson City Rendezvous for most of the day, but better late than never.  These are some inspirational parasols from the mid-Victorian period.  I collected these to help with a design for my first parasol covering, which I will show you tomorrow.  You have to wait! …but in the meantime, enjoy the pretties. 🙂

The Met, 1835
The Met, 19th c. I love the pinked scalloped edge on this one
One of my faves, from the Met, 1886. Red silk with another scalloped and pinked edge that ruffles.  So chic.
The Met, 1850-69. I love that this example is so simple, but the addition of the tassels add just enough pizzaz
The Met, 1870, another beautiful example with an applied trim in scalloped, pinked ruffles.  This would be an easy way to spice up one of the little long-handled black parasols all the sutlers have this season
The Met, 1868. Again with a pinked edge.  This seams to have been quite popular, or perhaps practical too, in Victorian parasols
The Met, 1850-59. Lastly, another very simple black silk parasol, American.  This is so similar to the long-handled examples available for a few bucks, just cover it with silk instead of polyester. 🙂


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