1879 Tea Gown: More Progress, and Bustling Up on the Deadline!

I haven’t been working *flat out* on this dress, but I have been making steady progress each day. I’m thankful to have not hit any huge snags (yet).

I’m not finished with the skirt and apron completely, but I wanted to get the bodice mostly there, one so I could at least have a top to wear to the tea on Saturday, and two because the bodice has priority on my limited about of trim, and if I do run out, I would rather the apron lose out than the bodice.

The interior of the bodice – it’s lined in twill, and the seam allowances are trimmed, notched, and catch-stitched down to the lining, to keep them flat. No boning yet.

So far I haven’t added boning, but I have fit the bodice on my own body, which is why it doesn’t look like it fits so well on FrankenLilly.  I have a longer waist.

I compiled one whole sleeve earlier today, and realized when it was all finished that I sewed the false cuff on backwards.  Since this post, I bucked up and ripped the whole thing off to put it on the right way, then did the second sleeve. I feel so much better about the cuffs now.  I can’t let something that blatantly wrong stay that way, even if I’m short on time!

Front view of the bodice, with the fur trim just draped on to get an idea how it will look. I haven’t decided on any additional bodice trim yet – I do like it kindof clean-looking through the body.

Onward! I have a lot of finishing to do!


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