V157: Opinions Please - Mid-Victorian Shoe Survey

Jun 5, 2012 11 comments
Hi Ladies!
It's market research time once again, and your invaluable opinions are needed to help us decide on a mid-Victorian style of shoe, for next year's historical footwear lineup.  Please answer the questions in the survey, and also leave comments if you like.

Here are some examples of the mid-Victorian shoe styles you will be asked about:
Flat Slipper

Heeled Slipper

Heeled boot

Flat boot


  1. Ok, so I took the survey, but stuck to one type of shoe. I would LOVE to see the first two slipper type shoes introduced. Personally, I am slightly less excited about boots, though I also think they would be a great addition.

  2. Robert Land and Fugawee's are the "go to" boots for Civil War era living historians, but there is a huge market for proper flat dancing slippers - I so hope you choose to go in that direction!

  3. I'd also love to see some heeled button boots - it's very hard to get decent ones these days.

  4. Since Robert Land does do the dancing shoes and balmoral and other flatter heeled boots, I say you should try either the heeled boot of the heeled slipper.

  5. I love the heeled slippers! They're gorgeous.

  6. I am in absolute love with the heeled slippers!

  7. Please make the heeled slippers, no one else makes them!

  8. I love both tyoes of slippers. So hard to choose!

  9. I would be absolutely thrilled with either. They're so hard to find.

    1. Actually, doing both eventually wouldn't be a bad idea. Land's shoes aren't silk and idk they just don't suit my taste. (They look like they'd probably be too wide for me anyway.)

  10. So glad you'll be introducing some Victorian footwear! I took the quiz and I am in favor of the flat slippers, because Robert Land's are nice, but just don't cut it for me in terms of style or prettiness. Robert Land and Justin's boots already supply the Victorian boots for us Dickens folk. I think we are definitely in need of some Victorian Gaskell-appropriate shoes.


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