V154: Off to The Faire!

Jun 2, 2012 3 comments
I'm away at Valhalla Renaissance Faire, in South Lake Tahoe, CA, to day, so I've left you with Ole Bess herself, until I can get back to post pictures from the day. :-)

Elizabeth I, by Steven van der Meulen, c. 1563.  A stunning red and gold gown!



  1. Those white bits of white cloth on the sleeves looked like giant pearls, when I first looked at the picture...

  2. That is a lovely dress but she sure doesn't look comfortable in it. It looks like the sleeves are so tight she can't lower her arms!

    1. They might have been! They do look crazy tight. We've all been there with the too-tight sleeves! Maybe that's why she went with the big puffy sleeves later. :-)


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