V141: 1865 Gown Remodel DONE!

Once upon a time I made a mid-Victorian gown that didn’t really fit.

So I started to remodel it, and got some of the way along, but then stopped.

(How many of you know this story?)

Well, I’ve finally…finally…finished it.  The Kit Carson Rendezvous is coming up the second weekend of June, here in Northern Nevada, and I thought it was high time I get this refashioned bodice done.  All it needed was a different collar, and finished cuffs.

Luckily I’d found a lacy collar at Sacramento Antiques awhile go.  These are pretty common at antique fairs and stores, and add a great bit of vintage flavor to your costumes.

I pleated the ribbon around the cuffs by hand, and now I’m already thinking it needs more frou-frou, like the inspiration dress from “Costume in Detail.”  … but that is for another day!  For now, it’s done, it’s wearable, I’m happy. 🙂


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