1790s Chintz Gown – More Fiddling

I’ve been stitching along on this 1790s chintz gown, little by little, fiddle by fiddle.  My apologies for these terrible photos – someday I will find my camera’s battery charger and stop having to use my phone!

The whole front is pinned on here, just to see how it will work.  The bodice and back skirt are complete, and now it’s time to fiddle onto the bib and front skirt, with the three rows of cording.  My focus is on the bustline – it needs to be quite low to achieve the look and balance of the original design.  This will put the bodice neckline lower than the stays, which mean I will always have to wear this gown with the neckline filled with a neckerchief or chemisette. (I would anyway; it’s a day dress, and the idea of different chemisettes is enticing)

Onward to completion, then….


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