V131: 1912 Ladies, and Alcatraz

Our ship docked at Pier 33, San Francisco

Hi again, from the Big Blue!  The last two days we’ve been at port in San Francisco, a city I’m familiar with, but oddly enough I had never been to some of its most famous locations.

Beautiful gardens cover Alcatraz, oddly enough
One of the cells at Alcatraz, full of drawings and paintings, from one of the prisoners who did “good time.”

Carolyn and I went to Alcatraz, which was thoroughly fascinating, if not completely creepy.  We didn’t wear costumes off-ship, but did change in to “time travelers” attire for dinner that evening – she in 1920s, I in 1950s.

I could get used to the old-fashioned idea of “dressing for dinner.”  It makes a whole event out of something we consider quite mundane.  Several nights ago was “formal” night, and Carolyn and I wore our 1912 gowns, both of which were purple and covered in glittery bits.  We were certainly the best dressed ladies on board, and I was pleased to get a chance to wear my dress again, after Gaskells.  Carolyn was stunning, in her pruple and gold embroidered sari gown, one she custom-draped herself.

Tomorrow we’re on our way to Astoria, Oregon, and Carolyn and I will be speaking about the history of this oldest city west of the Rockies.  We’ll be in 1811 day gowns, complete with spencers and turbans.  These will be our “oldest” costumes of the trip, and bound to make people curious.  Pics soon!


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