V107: Where Are Your Pompadour Shoes, 1680-1740?

Pompadour (1680-1740) shoes in black brocade with leather-covered, custom Louis heel, and satin ribbon tie

Hi Ladies!  I haven’t died, promise.  I’m still working on new historical shoes for you, but we got a little delayed with the Astoria fiasco, and Chris and I didn’t feel like it was right to run another pre-order until we’ve delivered all your Astorias and Kensington shoes.

The Pompadours are coming, though! Originally they were scheduled to be released today, April 16, but now the new pre-order release date is Monday, May 14th.

The 2.5 inch leather heels have been custom made just for the Pompadours, and future American Duchess shoes needing an awesome, chunky French heel.

Here’s a first look.  Pomps will come in ivory brocade as well as the black you see here.  Each will have a ribbon tie with it, but the fun part will be pimpin’ your Pomps with any kind of ribbon, pom-pom, or decoration you like.

You’ll be happy to know, too, that the new ivory leather Kensington 18th c. shoe will also be available to pre-order on May 14th.  I know several of you have been waiting so patiently for them.

Kensington will finally be available in ivory, at the $99 pre-order price.

There will be more news and photos about what’s coming soon. Until we meet again, most sincerely…


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