V106: Titanic Memorial Tea, Reno

Apr 15, 2012 13 comments

Yesterday, like so many of you, us ladies and gents up here in Reno held our Titanic Memorial Tea at The Isles Tea Shoppe.  After many pots of tea, a parade of scones and tea sandwiches, and a moment of silence for those lost to the sea 100 years ago, a smaller group of us went to the Nevada Museum of Art to see the Tiffany exhibit.  Here are some photos from the day...

Here' my mom slurpin' tea, in her Poiret-inspired gown and awesome turban.
Oscar and his massive camera. :-)

Carl was unbelievably cute in his sailor outfit.
Lisa and her daughter
Lady Carolyn saying a few words about the Titanic disaster
My outfit
Warren, Lisa, and Debbie, on the porch at The Isles Tea Shoppe
The back of my mom's Poiret dress.
At the Tiffany exhibit, Nevada Museum of Art.  Lampshade + Lampshade, haha.
Tiffany lamps.  Guns were also on display - gorgeous, incredible guns.  I had no idea Tiffany had done firearms.
We were told to stop taking pictures after this point, lol. Ooops.  Bad museum visitors!

My mom's whole ensemble.
...and mine.  I loved wearing this, and look forward to taking it on the cruise in May, although I can't take the hat, so some smaller, flatter chapeau will have to suffice.


  1. Looks like such an amazing day! I absolutely LOVE your outfit!!

  2. you look amazing! I must get that skirt pattern! The hat looks great too! Also, the little boy in his sailor suit is to die for!!

    1. Isn't Carl just ADORABLE. He and Sara, the little girl, together are just cuteness incarnate

  3. oh, I wish that one day I will have the same kind of events in Sweden, it looks wonderful!

  4. What a wonderful event! Your costumes are all so authentic, and you certainly must have turned some heads.

    Happy sewing!


  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Your outfit is amazingly beautiful--love your skirt.

    We had our luncheon here in Seattle yesterday and had a wonderful afternoon too.


  6. You look really great in this outfit.I wish I had the time to make something but with a four month baby it's hard.

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time! I really love your ensemble!!!

  8. Wonderful outfits. I really love the simple elegance of yours.

  9. I <3 your skirt so much!! Beautiful job - the silhouette is absolutely perfection, and the hat *swoon*

  10. I'm curious about the outfit with the hydrangea(?) on the hat... I love those flowers and II wish I could see the front of her dress!

    I also love your skirt, it's very 'Downton' :)

  11. I know this is a while ago, but do you have any more pictures or details of Carl's costume? I'm thinking of crafting something similar for my son.

    All those costumes are so good, I'm absolutely stunned. Do you all do all the work yourself?


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